Bundling plugins with WordPress themes.

First off, many people will disagree with including Plugins with your themes. Yes and generally rightly so: Automatic¬†Updates:¬†If the plugin is freely available from WordPress.org already, then so are automatic updates to the plugin. The original author can add features, fix bugs, and deploy them quickly. Your clients and customers then benefit from on-going development. […]

One thing you didn’t know about WordPress images.

By default in WordPress when you server up a .JPEG file, WordPress optimizes the image to save bandwidth and space. 90% of the time, no one will realize this as the WordPress function behind image optimization does a fantastic job at keeping it’s quality the same, unless you are using very large high quality photo […]

Interacting with WP_Query, listing more posts from the current category.

For a new project of mine I was creating a single.php for the blog side of the website. The website had a few specific categories for the blog, these being News, Races and Events. Whenever you were reading a blog post under one of these categories, the sidebar should show readers more posts from that […]